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09-25-2009, 12:11 PM
1. How to search

2. How to post movie links

3. Conduct

How to search


1. You can use the search option in the top right corner it is however touchy it will sometimes render good results if you use less words.

Works okay if you are just looking for a movie to watch but NOT when you search if a movie has been posted before you want to post it as it is not 100% reliable.

2. A better way of searching for a movie post is to go to the yearly section itself and put correct name and year in the search function there as it has a smaller amount of threads to sift through just looking in that section it renders better results.


Again NOT to be used by people who want to post a movie and need to be certain it has not been posted before.

3. The best way and 100% reliable is going to the section the movie has to be in lets say 2009.

Click on thread and it will sort all the threads in alphabetical order. Then just go up the pages to the letter the movie starts with and if it is posted you will find it. If it is not there it has not been posted.

ALL users who post movies WILL use this way of searching as it does not leave room for error.

How to post movie links

1. First click the button at the top of the page "New Thread" http://www.movie-forumz.tv/images/forumheaven/buttons/newthread.gif (http://www.movie-forumz.tv/newthread.php?do=newthread&f=28)

2. Enter a Title, Titles must include The correct year in brackets "(year in here)" the film was made in,according to IMdb. Add the abbreviation for the host (MS, SV etc.) after the brackets when using http://www.movie-forumz.tv/images/blackandblue/blackandblue/icons/divx.gif divx icon i.e. The Informers (2009) *GU*

Correct spelling of the title is absolutely essential as the search feature will not find it if you get it wrong when you post,this includes using capitals where due etc.

Aside from a direct link to the movie you wish to post, your post must include all of the following:

3. Picture OR trailer must be included. Please do NOT use both as some users have computers that can't handle it and it will certainly slow down opening pages when we have to check for dead links.

4. Description must be included. You may add a IMDB (http://www.imdb.com/)link to the movie or use a button to make it look nicer. Just click the yellow IMDB button you will get two tags just enter you link in the middle and when you post your movie the link will become a button!

5. Add your movie link! This is the link to the movie you are posting. Just like the IMDB link you can add a play button to make it look nicer. Just click the blue button and play tags will appear. Enter you link in the middle of the two and when you submit your post your link will be in the form of a button.

6. Select Provider (Host) Just click one of the icons related to were your film is hosted, This Must be done.

http://www.movie-forumz.tv/images/blackandblue/blackandblue/icons/google.gifGoogle http://www.movie-forumz.tv/images/blackandblue/blackandblue/icons/veoh.jpgVeoh http://www.movie-forumz.tv/images/blackandblue/blackandblue/icons/youtube.gifYoutube http://www.movie-forumz.tv/images/blackandblue/blackandblue/icons/megavideo.gifMegavideo so on.


We try to keep the forum clean and easy to navigate as well as a friendly and safe place to hang out and have fun.

So here are a few conduct guidelines.

No shirt, no shoes, no service :) Just kidding!

Please do not post requests anywhere other than the request section.

Please read request guidelines prior to posting a request.

Please stick to the posting rules, because if everyone posts how they want we will have complete chaos and staff would have even more work.

Respect all members and staff. And please show your appreciation for staff and users who provide us with movie links.

Do not post "dead link" on any of the threads as moderators will not see that and will not be able to remove the movie or replace it. Please use the report post button for that.http://i252.photobucket.com/albums/hh19/Ticcy31825/report.gif

I am sure we can all agree that we would like to upkeep a certain level of quality. We are not a bunch of hoodlums who are not capable of proper communication so swearwords are a no go.

Don't talk about reputation. If you deserve it, you will get it.

Be careful what you click on. Some people are using innocent looking links to hide a link that might take you to a site that is less than desirable. You can tell those links by hovering over links for a second before actually clicking it and looking in the browser bar where the address really is.